Birchington’s War on Litter


Birchington Anti-Litter Group (BAG) has enthusiastic local volunteers who devote their spare time collecting litter which is blighting our village. Recently, they collected 40 bags of rubbish from Canterbury Road verges where rubbish has been dumped. Albion Road Car Park has been used for fly tipping. But, the CCTV, local Warden and TDC are on the case.Cleared-Car-Park

Litter groupA beach clean is being organised soon between Minnis Bay and Reculver.Cleared-Rubbish

If you are interested in volunteering to help keep Birchington litter free search for Birchington Anti-litter group on Facebook. Or email [email protected] and speak to Mike Kite for details.

Birchington Parish Councillor Vanda Alexander and Thanet District Councillor Suza


nne Brimm are very supportive of the group and volunteer their time to join others in litter picking.


Birchington Remembers Victory in Japan


On Saturday August 15 Birchington remembers those who fought for our freedom.  VJ day was a day of celebration marking the end of the Second World War.

The community gathered for a morning service conducted by Rev. Don Witts.  The Royal British Legion led the community in remembrance.


Wreaths were laid by Cllr. Jack Cohen Chair of Birchington Parish Council  Cllr. Roger Latchford for Birchington Royal British Legion,  Birchington Parish   Cllr. Linda Wright and Neville Hudson, Chair of Birchington Residents Association.

A buffet lunch was served kindly provided by The Sea View Pub in Birchington.

In the evening a beacon was lit on Epple Bay and was attended by residents.  Many thanks to the hard work of Tom who successfully built and lit the beacon.talking

The Event was supported by Birchington Parish Council

Recycling bins saved

Councillors Bill Furness and Jack Cohen met up with Gavin Waite together with Peter Thomas from Thanet District Council regarding the proposed closure of the recycling bin area in Albion Road Car park by TDC , In December,Thanet District Council sent an e mail to the Parish Council stating that they were to close the recycling facilities in Albion Road down, the Parish Council objected to this, an agreement has now been reached with TDC to keep this very well used public facility open,it is also hoped that overhanging branches obscuring the light above the car parks ticket machine will be lopped to ensure that the lighting of this area is improved,recycling bins

The other good news is that Birchington Parish Council are planning to extend their CCTV coverage to include this car park to make it safer for users both day and night, TDC have agreed that it will help towards the funding.

Community Spirit

Birchington came together for some community spirit on Saturday 5 September for the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain.  438 Squadron ATC Band Margate played guests into the Village Centre for

The arrival of the Royal British Legion Standard commenced the afternoon.  Remembering the few – exhortation by Colonel Latchford (Rtd). Lowering the Standard. Last post sounded by Mrs. Rachel horsbrugh followed by a minute’s silence to remember those who gave their lives for our

The Guest of honour was Wing Commander Christopher Thorpe DFC.MBA.FCMI.RAF accompanied by his wife. Wing Commander Thorpe gave a moving account of Manston’s role during the Battle of Britain and the importance Manston had protecting the Coastline.

Gordon Clarkson and Tony Matthews led the singing of war time songs around the piano.  Plenty of dancing, laughter, singing and flag waving.

The wartime  lunch was prepared and served by members of the Monkton Woman’s Institute.  The Lord Woolton Pie and Corned Beef Hash was followed by Apple Crumble and Bread Pudding and was enjoyed by all.  We thank them for doing such a fantastic job.

Spitfire Ale, courtesy of Messrs. Shepherd Neame received many complimentsspeech

The children from Birchington Primary School produced some beautiful pictures of Spitfires for the art exhibition.  Winners for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be presented with a prize by Dr. Jack Cohen, Chairman of Birchington Parish Council, on 10 September.grub

£500 was raised from collections and a raffle.  £440.00 will be donated to the Royal British Legion and £60.00 will be donated to the RAF Benevolent Fund in memory of Bill Furness, who sadly passed away recently.  He worked tirelessly for Birchington and would have enjoyed the community togetherness which this anniversary lunch provided the village with.  Cllr. Furness printed, designed and published the Commemorative Programme of Events.

We owe our thanks to the following people for giving up their time to organise this wonderful day.

Cllr. Marion Evans   Mr Brian White  Jane Hills  David Darling  Gordon Clarkson   Jamie Thomson Cllr. John Hills  and the late Cllr. Bill Furness