Recycling bins saved

Councillors Bill Furness and Jack Cohen met up with Gavin Waite together with Peter Thomas from Thanet District Council regarding the proposed closure of the recycling bin area in Albion Road Car park by TDC , In December,Thanet District Council sent an e mail to the Parish Council stating that they were to close the recycling facilities in Albion Road down, the Parish Council objected to this, an agreement has now been reached with TDC to keep this very well used public facility open,it is also hoped that overhanging branches obscuring the light above the car parks ticket machine will be lopped to ensure that the lighting of this area is improved,recycling bins

The other good news is that Birchington Parish Council are planning to extend their CCTV coverage to include this car park to make it safer for users both day and night, TDC have agreed that it will help towards the funding.

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