Birchington’s War on Litter


Birchington Anti-Litter Group (BAG) has enthusiastic local volunteers who devote their spare time collecting litter which is blighting our village. Recently, they collected 40 bags of rubbish from Canterbury Road verges where rubbish has been dumped. Albion Road Car Park has been used for fly tipping. But, the CCTV, local Warden and TDC are on the case.Cleared-Car-Park

Litter groupA beach clean is being organised soon between Minnis Bay and Reculver.Cleared-Rubbish

If you are interested in volunteering to help keep Birchington litter free search for Birchington Anti-litter group on Facebook. Or email [email protected] and speak to Mike Kite for details.

Birchington Parish Councillor Vanda Alexander and Thanet District Councillor Suza


nne Brimm are very supportive of the group and volunteer their time to join others in litter picking.


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